Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Brynne & Blake's Graduation Ceremony

Last Thursday, my sister Brynne & her husband Blake were able to have their graduation commencement ceremony at BYU! The next day {Friday} they both were able to "walk" and receive the folder their diploma will sit in. The only bad news is that neither one of them is graduated yet... Blake will be graduating in December {only has 3 more classes left to take this semester} and Brynne will be graduating in April {she has 19 credits to take this semester, plus student teaching next spring}. BYU doesn't have a graduation ceremony in December, and as soon as Blake graduates they are willing to move pretty much anywhere for him to find a job, which means Brynne could potentially be doing her student teaching outside of Utah. So that they don't have to come back in the spring for graduation, they decided to walk now!

Graduates walking in
The family there to support them! Poppa drove in all the way from California for this!
Sure love this handsome guy
All the graduates sitting down
The board and president of the school, along with those graduating at the top of the class
Opening remarks from the school president Cecil B Samuelson
They had a really nice program and had Elder Ronald A. Rasband, senior president of the Quorum of the Seventy, come and speak. It was awesome! We were able to find Brynne & Blake among the crowd and wave to them, which was fun. After the ceremony, we met on the north east side of the building to take some pictures. Be prepared for lots of pictures!

The "graduates"!
Popper wanted to jump in a picture
Brynne & Poppa. He is very proud of her for being so close to graduating!
Brynne, Poppa & Blake
Our family
Popper photo-bombing Blake's family
Blake & Brynne with Blake's family {minus Ashley}
Up close & personal with Popper
Poppa resting in the school's wheel chair in between pictures with Jeannene
Parents with the graduates
My mom & Rick with Brynne & Blake {my dad had to work, so he wasn't able to come}
Mom & Rick with Brynne
They're "gah we aren't quite graduated yet"face
They're "but we are dang close!" face
Prepping for a jumping picture
They're really good at these pictures!
Thanks to all the cameras we had, they got to jump like 15 times haha
High five for being almost done
Brynne & Popper
Brynne & Jeannene
Brynne & me
Jake & Poppa
After we were finished taking pictures, Brynne & Blake went to take some pictures in front of the Cougar at the football stadium and then we all met at my parents house for an Italian feast - lasagna, spaghetti, salad & garlic bread with ice cream for dessert. It was SUPER good! Yay for Brynne & Blake being so close to graduating - here's to hoping Brynne survives this semester & Blake finds a job here in Utah!

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