Friday, August 16, 2013


Ok - finally posting about the rock work we added to our front yard!

Jake & my sisters started this awesome project while I was at work. I asked Jake to make sure to take lots of pictures for me, since I knew I'd want it on the blog and he didn't disappoint. Thanks babe!

They pulled all the plants out and raked over the soil really good to make sure they got all the weeds out
Then they put down black weed paper. Popper is a lovely model :)
Putting in more paper
{Side note: Jake was too hot so he took his shirt and G's off and put this shirt on and got the WORST sunburn I have ever seen him have on his shoulders. I felt so bad - sunburns are the WORST!}

Digging holes for the plants to go in!
All the plants back in
{Side note: When I got home, I made them pull out that tree near the door since it's pretty much dead. It isn't dead YET, which is why Jake put it back in the ground, but I know it'll die so we just pulled it out}
After they finished with the paper, they came to work to visit me just as I was getting off work. We went and got lunch and then drove to Pelican Point in South Saratoga Springs to get the rock. Pelican Point is owned or operated or whatever by Geneva Rock, which is where Jake's dad and older brother work, so we got the rocks for free! AWESOME!!!

Not gonna lie, it was pretty scary sitting in the truck watching them load the bed with rocks haha
We came home with our rocks and started cleaning them off. This is yet another reason I love our Chevy truck!

Aren't I so helpful? Haha
After we were half way done spreading the rocks on the black paper, Jake had the GREAT idea to just back the truck up on the grass. Wish we had thought of that sooner!
Making progress!
It was hot and we were tired so we stopped for a break and tried to look grumpy
When we finished unloading the truck, we had THIS MUCH black paper left! We were bummed we didn't have quite enough rock to finish, but my OCD kicked in and I also wanted to re do the rock in the shared planter so that it matches, so it ended up working out that we needed more rock!
How it looked at the end of the day
The next day, Jake went to Pelican Point again while I was at work and got another small truck bed of rock, for free again. Seriously, awesome! They charge $50 a load which is a great price compared to a landscaping company that sells rocks. Jake worked all my himself and got the front finished and evened out a few spots that were more sparse and finished the front shared planter too. All by the time I came home! I was SOO impressed! My hubby sure knows how to work hard!! We took the rest of the rock to our friend Kjell's new house, since they are finishing building it and wanted it for their window wells. I'm glad we had enough to finish our project and be able to help someone else too!

All finished!
It looks SOO great - I am so happy with how it turned out! Especially considering including our minimal child labor wages & the lunch we bought them, we spent less than $60 {including the black paper}! My hubby sure works hard to make our house look great for a fraction of the price. Yay for our pretty front yard! Now to plant some more stuff, but don't worry - that won't be until Spring :)

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